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Enjoy being in your own skin…

Believe in Beauty, Tips for your session on August 28th, 2013

September is “Self Awareness” month. So all of us here at the studio are encouraging ladies, and ourselves, to gear up for this special month by considering self awareness, which we are loving the description of that as achieving total self acceptance and long-term personal happiness.

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I really enjoyed reading this article that spelled it out a little more clearly as this…
“Often, people are unable to see themselves as others see them, as their reality is different than most (self image, internally and externally). They prefer to focus only on the aspects of their being that make them feel good about themselves. Or contrarily, some prefer to focus only on the negative aspects. The dichotomy reflects an inability to be objectionable with oneself.

The habit of pushing the ‘bad parts’ out of their conscious eases the mental stress of having to deal with those issues, as positive change requires humble effort, so they choose to not accept those negative aspects when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Conversely, some people tend to sway in the opposite direction and focus only on the negativity. They continuously find fault within themselves which becomes a barrier in acknowledging the good qualities they possess, therefore hindering long-term personal happiness.

Denials are barriers in self awareness. Individuals need to accept all the parts of their being, good and bad, to begin a happy journey in life.” – The Examiner




Let’s all commit to this one…

Tips for your session on May 23rd, 2013

We love this kind of “posture” for self love and grace. Let’s all encourage each other to not strive for perfection, but grace. Ah. Just typing that feels so good…
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The beautiful Miss C

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Boudoir set options, Tips for your session on January 11th, 2013

Miss C’s photos are a perfect example of how you can achieve multiple (up to four!) very different, but equally stunning looks during your photo session with us.  This first series of shots was captured on one of our newer set additions, Angelique in Paris.  Isn’t Miss C radiant in the soft glow of natural light?san diego boudoir photographersFor her second look, we photographed Miss C on our fashion loft set.  This set is popular for its versatility in lighting options.  We love the contrasting sultry, sexy look of her photos here.And finally, a gorgeous shot taken on Exquisite Boudoir (a “must do” set at our studio!)A huge thank you to Miss C for letting us share your beauty.   XOXO -the Divas


Boudoir Hair and Makeup

Tips for your session on April 6th, 2012

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t LOVE to get their hair & makeup done? It is so much fun to be pampered & taken care of, and that’s exactly what happens when the fabulous Miss Peggy Rogers does your hair & makeup at our studio. It adds a completely fun, delightful, extra element to your experience with us. Watch this video to hear what other clients thought about their hair & makeup experience:

We also have to share the exciting news that our amazing Peggy is going to be joining us at our boudoir workshop in PARIS, FRANCE next week! We couldn’t be happier that she has agreed to travel with us to do the hair & makeup during our workshops, PLUS she’s going to be one of our models as well! We are so excited to have this experience with Peggy. The lovely Miss Deena (our studio manager) is also going to be traveling with us to Paris. We can’t wait to take over Paris with our Diva Team! We’ll post more about that later. But in the meantime, the rest of our amazing team will be holding down the fort here at the San Diego studio. (Thanks, ladies… we will miss you!) We’ll try to update the blog at least once while we’re in Paris! xoxo, Kimberlee & Marissa


A fun, quick way to make your skin glow for your photo shoot…

Tips for your session on October 22nd, 2011

I saw this Kandee Johnson video (Erin introduced me to her and now I am hooked!) about exfoliating and giving your skin a nice glow. I tried it, and I even got my hubby Weston to do it with me (!), and she is so right, it really does make your skin soft and glow. I wouldn’t suggest doing it the morning of your shoot in case your skin doesn’t react well but perhaps the day before for a little skin boost. It left my skin feeling so soft and fresh and all you need are lemons and sugar. Easy, peeesey.


Sexy Football Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir Photo Shoots, Tips for your session on November 29th, 2010


Lingerie ideas for your boudoir shoot

Tips for your session on November 26th, 2010

LOVE this bra and panty set that Victoria’s Secret released recently. I think the colors & the floral pattern are just SO perfect. And the way they blend it with the red & black leopard print… COMPLETELY reminds me of Dolce & Gabanna‘s Fall ’09 collection (which we blogged about here!) I also love love LOVE their ‘long line Demi bra’ (same pattern, but more of a corset-style bra… SUPER cute!) Great job, Victoria’s Secret! You never cease to amaze us with the FUN & fresh designs, styles, and gorgeous lingerie that you give us! We love it when our clients come walking into our studio with their pink bags from Victoria’s Secret! :)

We also think that this bra & panty set is perfect for our “Runway” set (which is where we shot these images of the beautiful Miss Meghan below!) Ready to be your very own SUPERMODEL FOR A DAY???! Call the studio today to chat about your session or to book your shoot! (858-485-0443… or email for pricing & info: Hope to see you in here soon! xoxo, Kimberlee (and the rest of the Diva Team!)


Marvelous Monday | Boudoir Session

Boudoir Photo Shoots, Tips for your session on November 22nd, 2010

Happy Monday everyone! Ashley here and I just wanted to post another one of my recent shoots. :) Shannon came in a couple weeks ago and although she started out a little quiet, she totally opened up and was such a blast to photograph! Her man is in the Navy and she brought the cutest accessories including a bra with anchors on it, LOVE! As you can see below, the camera loved her :)

I’m glad you enjoyed your session Shannon; you were such a pleasure to work with!  Hope to see you again :)



Sexy Halloween Photo Shoot!

Tips for your session on October 13th, 2010

Want to go for a ‘sexy Halloween look’ for one set & outfit for your boudoir shoot in October? Victoria’s Secret recently released the most ADORABLE little outfits, and we think that it would be the PERFECT addition to your boudoir shoot this month! Check this out… aren’t they adorable?

These outfits are called “Sexy Little Fantasies” – go get yours today! (PS: We just got our order a few weeks ago… can you guess which outfit we chose to buy for the studio??) :)

Also… did you know that we are in the midst of our HUGE Boudoir Diva Annual SALE?! This is the BIGGEST and BEST sale that we run only ONCE each year… you’ve GOT to take advantage of this deal!!!! Click here for details.

Our calendar is booking up SOOOO quickly… before you know it, the holidays will be here, and if you want to have a fun, sexy Christmas gift or Valentine’s Day gift for your man, you do NOT want to miss out on this opportunity. Call our studio & anyone here on our (FABULOUS all-female) staff, and we would be more than happy to chat with you over the phone to discuss our availability, and also any other questions you may have about our boudoir sessions. Looking forward to seeing you for your shoot!


Fall Lingerie Love

Tips for your session on October 4th, 2010

We LOVE Victoria’s Secret’s new “Player Push-Up Bra”… isn’t this a fun look for a boudoir shoot? It would be PERFECT if you brought in this bra with your favorite tailored jacket – and it would be the perfect outfit for our “Fashion Loft” set! Anyone want to do this look for your Fall boudoir shoot? We would LOVE it!

Speaking of sets and outfits… as you know, you book your session here at our studio based on the number of sets you’d like (and on each set, you get one outfit). So if you book our “Luxe” package, you’ll get 3 different looks (3 sets and 3 outfits)… and then if you get the “Full” or “Supermodel” packages, you’ll get FOUR different looks (4 sets and 4 outfits)!!! If you’re not sure about which sets to choose, don’t worry! We can help you choose! Once you book your shoot, we’re going to send you ALL of the sets that we have here in the studio (OVER 18 unique sets to choose from!)… this is your chance to glance through the sets and see which ones you like the best. Then when you come into the studio for your session, you’ll have time to sit down w/ your photographer, and together you will choose which outfits will go best with the different sets. If you don’t have a preference, your photographer will definitely help give you direction (we LOVE styling each session to make it uniquely tailored to YOU!) If you’re thinking about coming in for a boudoir shoot anytime between NOW and VALENTINE’S DAY… book your session ASAP to take advantage of the divalicious ANNUAL SALE!!!