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Browse the Diva Dressing Room!

Boudoir Outfits & Styling on October 28th, 2013

Did you know that you can now browse our dressing room via We’ve put together some our favorite pieces from our Diva Dressing Room to inspire styling for your boudoir shoot! Here are a few different options for your photography session (and of course you can mix and match!) Be sure to visit our Dressing Room online to see more. :)



Happy Friday!!

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Uncategorized on May 31st, 2013

boudoir san diego orange countryTGIF friends! Thank you Julia for allowing us to photograph you and share your images. This boudoir shot was styled by Marissa, Make-up by Erin, and was photographed on our new set downstairs, the “Ladybird” set! If you book a Supermodel Package, you get access to all the new downstairs sets!




Miss A sports her sexy

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots on May 13th, 2013

Miss A  is featured on our fashion loft set.  We love her vibrant and playfully sexy photos.  Thank you, Miss A, for allowing us to share!  You make the Packers look darn sexy!  ;)



You, too, are a natural beauty!

Behind The Scenes, Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Boudoir set options, Current news and specials on March 27th, 2013

We are psyched to announce our studio expansion and newest area, Natural Beauty!  Natural Beauty is available to all of our supermodel clients AND returning clientele.  So if you’re wanting the ultimate supermodel experience (what woman doesn’t want to feel like a supermodel for a day?)  or have been thinking about coming back to see us again, you now have more set options than ever!

Thank you so very kindly to Lindsey and Kristal for helping us to show off your natural beauty.   Check out these gorgeous photos and get inspired for your shoot!



The studio has expanded to bring you new looks!

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Boudoir set options, Current news and specials on March 19th, 2013

los angeles san diego photography beauty glamour


new sets boudoir set ideas

To celebrate the unofficial launch of this new Natural Light studio area, any gal who books a Supermodel Package gets to shoot on both of these looks above! So that’s two sets in one! And we decided we also wanted to extend this to all our past clients as well. So if you have been here and had a shoot in the past, you don’t need to book a Supermodel Package, you have the privilege of booking even just one production to get in on this goodness! Although keep in mind, either way you must book your shoot for March or April 2013. Call us at 858-485-0443

Keep in mind that we aren’t totally sure if this new area will just be seasonal, so if you want it, jump on it!
* you will be in the same outfit for the two sets, however we always encourage layering to get the most out of your outfit ;)


The Super Starlet Miss B

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Boudoir set options on March 6th, 2013

We LOVE our clients, and Miss B was no exception.  A successful actress, singer and performer, she was energetic, confident and SO much fun to photograph!  B came in to the studio for a three production shoot (the advantage to booking multiple productions with us is the ability to achieve different looks throughout your session.)  And literally *rocked* every set!   Check out the variety of looks we captured.   And a  forewarning:  She is SUPER smokin!

Miss B wanted a soft, glowing look for her first shoot…

san diego boudoir photographers

san diego boudoir photography

For her second look, Miss B works it out on our Vintage Rock set.

san diego boudoir photography

We love her hot “barbie” pink lip and sexy black corset.

san diego boudoir photography

For her final look, Miss B goes burlesque on our Some Like it Hot set.  How beautiful is her layered jewelry against the gold backdrop?

san diego boudoir photography

san diego boudoir photography

She is GORGEOUS!  Thank you Miss B for allowing us to share your beautiful photographs.  And good luck in your future performing endeavours!  XOXO- the Divas


Good Golly Miss Molly

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You may recognize Molly  from our V day promotion.  She is gorgeous in natural light and smoking hot on our pin up set.  Molly is an avid snowboarder and she brought her board along for the shoot!


Thank you Miss M for letting us share your beauty! XOXO


Miss D

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Boudoir set options on January 18th, 2013

Here are a few pics from Miss D’s shoot.  We think she’s smokin as a “school girl” on our fashion loft set. boudoir photographyboudoir divas boudoir photographyThanks, Miss D, for allowing us to share!  XOXO


The beautiful Miss C

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots, Boudoir set options, Tips for your session on January 11th, 2013

Miss C’s photos are a perfect example of how you can achieve multiple (up to four!) very different, but equally stunning looks during your photo session with us.  This first series of shots was captured on one of our newer set additions, Angelique in Paris.  Isn’t Miss C radiant in the soft glow of natural light?san diego boudoir photographersFor her second look, we photographed Miss C on our fashion loft set.  This set is popular for its versatility in lighting options.  We love the contrasting sultry, sexy look of her photos here.And finally, a gorgeous shot taken on Exquisite Boudoir (a “must do” set at our studio!)A huge thank you to Miss C for letting us share your beauty.   XOXO -the Divas


The Dollhouse. A fun, quirky, backyard boudoir shoot.

Boudoir Outfits & Styling, Boudoir Photo Shoots on August 27th, 2012

Every just get a creative wild hair? Ever want to just feel silly and goof around with your friends/clients like you did when you were a kiddo? Well the other Friday night that was exactly what we did! My friend Danielle and Brittany have this insanely cute and hip house in Encinitas that they aptly call “The Dollhouse” and after hanging out there I was dying to do a shoot for them. They are best friends, past clients (oh and Danielle even worked with us a bit), and a just fun goofball girls. This shoot wasn’t enough for me though, I want to do it again!!! It was that cool of a spot. I know, our studio is huge, we should be satisfied, but every once in a while it sure is fun to shoot in a totally different environment. Goodbye Marilyn and hello Gidget!

If they let me I want to shoot some of you there too. I was thinking that maybe it could be time for past clients to go from BOMBSHELL to hipster chic. You’ve had the glam experience so now let’s do fun, quirky and cute! If all works out we hope to have details to follow.