White Sheet Special Groupon 2014:


20 Min Session on our White Sheet Special Set ($195 value) for only $109!

1 8×12 Print  included

This session allows 20 minutes of shooting in 1 outfit, client must provide outfit.

(Outfit changes will not be allowed with this package.  However, clients can add an additional boudoir set for $220. This additional set must be added at time of booking/reserving date).

25 proofs to choose from for your 8×12 print . (Clients can purchase additional prints and/or digital files for an additional fee starting at just $22 each)

Suggested gratuity is not included. We suggest $20 for your photographer but it is not mandatory.

Make-up and hair is not included. It can be added for an additional $125 (see below for more information).

We recommend calling to book your shoot 3 weeks in advance as our calendar can fill up quickly.
Expires April 1, 2014

TOTAL VALUE OF PACKAGE: $195 Groupon Price: $109 $86 savings!

One of our highly-trained professional female photographers will coach you through every aspect of this shoot to showcase your beauty. This is a 20 minute session in 1 outfit.

We will be photographing you on our White Sheet Special Set.

Photos can be used to give to a loved one, as a treat to pamper yourself, or just a beautiful image to reflect who you are at this moment in your life. An image that will be cherished for years to come.

Upgrading your Package

If you desire more from your shoot we have an AMAZING deal for you! You can upgrade your White Sheet Special to a full Boudoir session for an additional $79. The Boudoir upgrade would provide 4 digital images ($88 value), plus your 8×12 print that is included with the Groupon ($35 value), choice of any of our amazing boudoir sets, styling provided with our outfits in our adorable dressing room, plus 10 additional minutes of shooting for a full 30 minutes and an additional 10 proofs to choose from, for a total of 35 proofs! This is an amazing deal valued at $255! This is still a savings of $67!!!

We ask for you to request the upgrade when you call to book your session, as we need to allocate more shooting time for you.

Make-up and Hair
We highly recommend getting hair and make-up done with our fabulous contract artists. They will glamify you in our cute make-up room, and they are fabulous at what they do! Make-up & hair is $125 or one service is $75.

Payment is made directly to the artist through check or cash. Hair and makeup must be added at the time of booking/reserving your date, in order to be sure that one of our stylists will be available.


* Available for women only, age 18+
* Cancellation policy: you must reschedule your session 7 days before your shoot – otherwise you forfeit your Groupon. There are no exceptions for this, we apologize for any inconvenience.
* Your Groupon may not be swapped out for any other shoot, although you may upgrade to a full boudoir photo shoot for $65.
* Please bring your outfit for the shoot. You may change into your dress right before your shoot in our dressing room.
* We are available Monday thru Friday 9-5 for photo shoots.  Saturdays are always reserved for our packages with 3 Productions or more.
* Expires April 1, 2014

Groupon FAQs


Yay! Thank you so much for your interest in the Boudoir Divas’ GROUPON!!!! This is the most amazing deal (we hardly ever offer pricing this low!) For more info on all of our ‘regular’ pricing and packages, please visit our CLIENT LOUNGE – where you will also find more details about our studio. Also, be sure to check out our website for more info on who we are.


Please call our studio to book your shoot (858-485-0443). Please note that our office hours are: Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm. WE BOOK PHOTO SESSIONS MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. We only do Packages of 3 or more Productions on Saturdays, so this Groupon does not apply on Saturdays. We will do our best to respond to your phone calls and emails as soon as possible! :) Due to the high volume of Groupon calls, emails, and inquiries we are receiving, please know that we are trying our best to respond to everyone in a timely manner. It may be a few days before we are able to respond to everyone. Thanks for your patience! :)

*YOU MUST BE 18 to have a photo shoot done with the Boudoir Divas.
*ALSO… please be sure that you bring in your printed out Groupon, AND a photo ID to your session. This is necessary for us to verify your Groupon purchase. Thank you.
*As mentioned in the Groupon, Gratuity is not included. {Suggested Gratuity for your photographer, with a 1 production photo shoot is as follows: 10%: $22, 15%: $33, 20%: $44}

Q: Can I get my photo shoot before my special occasion? It’s soon!
A: Unfortunately, our shoots book out sometimes a month in advance, however, there is nothing wrong with calling and checking if we can fit you in! Turn around time for digital images is typically 2 weeks, other products- 3 weeks.

Don’t wait to book until the last month before your Groupon expires!!!! With such a full calendar you must book waaaay in advance. We know your Groupon expires in April, however please don’t wait until the last minute to call us and get on the calendar. This Groupon is subject to availability… and since we generally book out several weeks in advance, we cannot guarantee that we will have a shoot available for you at the exact time you want it.

Q: What if I want to add another set and outfit?
A: You can add one more set/outfit for $220. (This is our regular pricing for one set/outfit). We highly recommend adding an extra set, because it will give you SO much more variety in your images. (Plus, you’re going to LOVE your boudoir experience… just one set isn’t going to be enough!) :) Please mention this to our staff while you are booking your shoot, and we will let you know if we have enough time in our schedule to accommodate adding another set and outfit for you. Additional pricing/deposits will apply (please call us for more details on pricing for adding a shoot).

Q: What if I want a longer Boudoir session?
A: You can upgrade your shoot from a “White Sheet Special” to a “Boudoir” shoot for $79. The upgrade would provide 4 digital images, plus your 8×12 print that is included with the Groupon, choice of any of our amazing boudoir sets, styling provided with our outfits in our adorable dressing room, 10 additional minutes of shooting for a full 30 minutes and an additional 10 proofs to choose from for a total of 35 proofs.

Q: When should I book my photo shoot?
A: WE BOOK PHOTO SESSIONS MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, 9am-5pm. Our studio typically books up pretty fast, but we do have a few available dates for you to book your shoot that you purchased from Groupon. When you are ready to book your shoot, call our studio and chat with one of the team members from our all-female staff: 858-485-0443 We will do our best to accommodate a date that you request, however, we cannot guarantee that we will have availability.

Q: Can I book my session on a Saturday?
A: Our company policy is that we do ONLY book 3 or more Productions on select Saturdays. Of course, you can always UPGRADE to a PACKAGE, or add more productions to your shoot, in order to reach the 3-Production minimum that we require to book a Saturday session. You can view all of our packages here. If you would like to upgrade, just call us and let us know, and we’ll tell you what dates we have available for our PACKAGES.

Q: What time will my shoot be?
A: Our normal office hours are 10am-6pm. Your shoot will be either in the morning (starting usually at 9:00am ), OR you might be able to schedule an afternoon shoot (your shoot would need to start at 3pm in order to be completed before our office hours end at 6pm).

Q: I have to work around my work schedule, is there any way I can do an evening session?
A: No, unfortunately we can’t accommodate sessions in the evening. The latest we can start your photo shoot would be at 4:30 pm.

Q: What about gratuity?
Suggested 10% gratuity for your photographer on 1 Production would be $22, and 15% would be $33.

Q: What’s the shoot like?
A: You get a 20-minute session at our studio,  This is just ONE outfit. No outfit changes, sorry, no exceptions. *NOTE: we will schedule you for a specific date and time (we are an appointment-only studio). Once you have reserved your date and time, you are locked in! :) We have a 7 day cancellation policy, and if you do not show up to your photo shoot, or if you DO NOT cancel your session within 7 DAYS before the day of your shoot, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR GROUPON. Thank you for understanding.

Q: What about hair and makeup?
A: Hair and make up is not included in this deal. You may add it for $125 with one of our fab make-up artists. You will not have time or a place to do your hair and makeup here at the studio, because once you arrive, you’ll have your planning meeting/quick consultation with your photographer, and then we will start shooting almost immediately after that.

Q: What do you recommend w/ hair & makeup?
A: We HIGHLY recommend getting professional makeup done before your shoot with us!

Q: Do I need to bring my own outfit?
A: Yes please bring your outfit to the studio, we will have a dressing room for you to change in.   Also remember that changing time is allocated to just a few minutes before your shoot , so please know what you are planning to wear so you don’t cut into your shoot trying to make decisions the day off.

Q: Can I do my shoot on-location?
A: The groupon deal is for a photo shoot at our studio. We do have a few outdoor locations available, however, this will be at an additional location fee.

Q: Do you airbrush?
A: Yes. We will airbrush all of the images for your order.

Q: What if I want to purchase something additional, like a boudoir album or calendar?
A: You are more than welcome to make an additional purchase after your shoot. We have a large variety of different products for you to purchase a la carte, after your session. You are not required to purchase anything additional. *NOTE: if you decide to purchase an album, certain products take longer to produce – up to 4 weeks. We can fill you in on those specific turn-around times when you place your order here in the studio.

Q: When do I get to see (and choose) my images?
A: Although it’s not guaranteed, our goal is the same day! Immediately after your photo shoot, you will have a quick break here at the studio, where we will have you wait in our lobby for approximately 30 minutes after your shoot has ended. At that point, you will have the opportunity to view all of your proofs, and make your selections. We ask that you make all your selection in your viewing. If you want a second viewing we require an additional $150 minimum purchase.

Q: I feel a little nervous and I don’t know how to be ‘sexy’ in front of a camera.
A: You are COMPLETELY normal! :) One of our wonderful female photographers will coach you through the entire photo shoot, telling you exactly what to do, how to pose.

Q: Can I bring a friend to my shoot?
A: We do not allow anyone other than the photographer & the client in the studio during a photo shoot, so you are not able to bring anyone with you. If you feel more comfortable with a girlfriend coming along, you are more than welcome to bring her, but she cannot be in the studio while we are shooting; she will need to wait in our lobby until after your shoot is done. *NOTE: If your friend ALSO purchased the Boudoir Divas Groupon deal, you can chat with us and see if we have enough availability for you to both have your shoots on the same day. In general, however, only one person is allowed in the studio at a time.

Q: Where does this shoot take place?
A: At our studio in San Diego. We will send you the address and directions once you have booked your photo shoot with us.

Q: How do I show proof of my Groupon?
A: Please bring your printed Groupon receipt to your shoot.

*NOTE: pricing subject to change. This information is not a contract or agreement, but rather, some important frequently asked questions, meant to deliver more information to you about the Groupon deal for the Boudoir Divas, which was sold Fall 2011. *IF YOU DID NOT PURCHASE THIS GROUPON, YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE THIS SPECIAL PRICING. It was just a one-day special deal, offered through Groupon… so, all that to say, if you missed it, you missed it (sorry!) ;) If you are one of the VERY LUCKY gals who purchased this deal, we’re really excited to meet you! You’re going to love this experience, and we guarantee you’re going to LOVE your photos!!!


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