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Be Your Own Supermodel – Ladies Night Out

Current news and specials on March 25th, 2015

be your own supermodel
We are thrilled to announce this fun event – all about celebrating YOU, all of our Supermodels!

The “Be Your Own Supermodel” Event hosted by The Boudoir Divas. An Women’s Empowerment Event! #beyourownsupermodel

This event will be one of the most unique and fun we have put on, all with one goal in mind, all of us ladies leaving that night feeling more alive, more empowered and more comfortable being in our own unique, beautiful skin. We will have a trivia game planned, all in light very girly fun, with killer prizes, hot pink champagne, giveaway swag, fun stations, photo booths, and quick talk by our studio’s founder, Marissa Boucher, “Lessons from a woman who has photographed 100’s of ladies in their underwear” and more.


the boudoir divas

Thursday April 16th, 7:00PM. We ask that if you want to participate in the trivia games (which will be so exciting!) that you arrive at 7:30 at the latest ready to rock!

All are welcome!  This event is for ladies 21 and over only please. Please RSVP so that we can plan ahead for you by emailing us at

This is event is especially ehspecial because we need “Client Ambassadors” to help us out!!! We are nothing without our clients, all our business is from referrals, and for that reason we wanted to set this up so that our biggest cheerleaders, the clients that have been so good to us get some special recognition. Our ambassadors will be awarded with some great stuff.

boudoir ambassadors

Click here to learn more about becoming an Ambassador for the event!!




Be Your Own Supermodel Photos

Believe in Beauty on March 25th, 2015

We are SOOOOO excited about all of our Supermodels out there who are catching the vision and joining our Be Your Own Supermodel movement! We have been loving seeing you ladies post your photos on social media. Keep them coming!

Here are just a few of the many shots we have seen this week…
the boudoir divas san diego
Isn’t this so much fun?! And here are just a FEW of the posts we’ve seen come through on Facebook:
boudoir divas be your own supermodel
***Please note – if you don’t see your photo on here don’t worry! You are still entered in the contest. We just grabbed SOME of the photos that were posted. :)

I think my FAVORITE thing about seeing all of these posts is when you ladies write and share your stories about what this message means to you. I’ve gotten goosebumps reading some of your posts. So moving and powerful. Keep sharing and keep inspiring other women.

And it’s not too late to enter the contest!
*Take a photo and hashtag #beyourownsupermodel and tag us on social media. It’s that simple!
*Every time you post on social medial you will be ENTERED TO WIN a $1060 value photo shoot. Hair and make-up included by @Shelby_McElroy !
Just make sure you tag us on either Instagram or Twitter or Facebook! More details about how to enter is in our previous post.

If you’ve already posted, you can keep posting! Every time you post you are entered in the contest. More posts = more entries = more chances to win!
boudoir divas san diego
Need a little inspiration for something new to post on social media for the contest? Here’s our challenge for you today… Write down your favorite quote about beauty or empowerment or confidence. Take a pic of it (showing your handwriting), post it with our hashtag (#BeYourOwnSupermodel) – and tag us!

Good luck to all of your ladies who have already entered. Keep the photos coming, and keep spreading the movement – encouraging women to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin!



Believe in Beauty, Current news and specials on March 19th, 2015


This new movement and contest we are launching is near and dear to all of our hearts, but as the founder of The Boudoir Divas Studio, and with this being my main motive for starting this business back in the day, I think I (Marissa) can say that I am especially thrilled to share what we are doing…

So let’s go back to the beginning of The Boudoir Divas’ mission, and I’ll share a bit about my state of mind back then – and how my outlook has since evolved tremendously.

Being a young 20-something girl I felt like I was never good enough, and I lacked confidence. There was always an issue with me physically (in MY mind), that kept me from having peace about my body or even who I was in general. It was a dark cloud of dissatisfaction with myself that constantly hovered around me. During these important years I had seasons in my life where this was a big issue, and seasons where it was just a nagging theme in the back of my mind. I simply never felt comfortable in my own skin regardless, or felt even remotely close to sexy. Which is what a young, healthy girl with the world at her fingertips should feel right?

The more I started to take portraits of women, the more I felt less isolated in my self-inflicted mindset. The women I photographed also wanted to look bright, shiny and fabulous – and just as sexy/beautiful as the models of the cover of all the magazines. Let’s see, we didn’t have Kim Kardashian back then, but we had Holly Madison, Britney Spears, and Beyonce, right? And in generations prior there was Bridget Bardot, Marilyn, etc. No matter what time in our culture, there have always been images of glamorous women, somehow setting the ‘standard of perfection’ in the minds of young women.

As I continued working with women and hearing their stories, I started to really think about this issue more and more. I journaled about it and really let these thoughts simmer. I wanted to understand what the reality of the situation really was – I mean, these idolized gorgeous bombshells were regular women, just like us. Maybe a little more talented in the entertainment world, but flesh and blood all the same. When the paparazzi caught them in their everyday lives, they often looked like you and me. No make-up, maybe wearing workout clothes even though they, or we, had no intention of working out that day. They seemed pretty “normal.”

This reality caused me to get a little jealous of the fact that they had the opportunity to dress up and get all glammed-up, and then have GORGEOUS pictures or videos of themselves looking so hot as to leave men drooling and women feeling envious. These weren’t just pretty photos. They were Bombshell legacy kind of images. These famous people get an experience with an end result (photos) that leaves me with a message like they’re saying “Hey I am supermodel gorgeous, deal with it. I have that item checked off in brain, so that when I am wearing my grungy sweats, I at least feel like hot stuff on the inside cuz…well… NAILED IT. See the pics to prove it.”

Okay, now I don’t think this is actually what models and actresses are thinking. But I started to imagine that maybe the gorgeous photo shoots they got to be a part of sort of helped to check off this little ‘insecurity box’ in the minds of these women. Moving “insecurity” lower on the brain tier of influential feelings and moving “confident” higher on this brain/emotion ladder. And that made me wonder what significant experience I could have in my life that would help move confidence up a little higher in my brain and heart. And the biggest question, do I love myself enough to take action on this? To invest in this experience even if I found it? And this is where the idea for the Boudoir Divas studio, vision, mission, and goal truly began to take a deeper form.

When I saw “The Holiday,” Arthur’s line confirmed it.


Arthur: “Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason, you’re behaving like you’re the best friend.”

Iris: “You’re so right. You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for God’s sake…”

leading lady confidence quote

That’s it! That’s it! This isn’t just about taking pretty pictures (I already knew I wanted to be a photographer); it’s about creating an experience that matters. Something that has significance in the lives of hundreds of women. An experience where we have the chance to take a step and to be the leading ladies of our own lives, our own stories.  In taking photos where we look and feel gorgeous so in the rest of our not-so-glamourous life, we can say “nailed it!” – and thus learn to feel good in our own skin. It’s not all just about taking sexy photos, but it’s an experience where we can let our guard down, and you see the beauty in the vulnerability of saying ‘here I am, and I am learning to love me.’

This is all about giving women a chance to be our own cheerleader, the leader of our catwalk, the heroine in our own personal story.  BE YOUR OWN SUPERMODEL when the rest of the world may try to drag us down. We get one life, let’s celebrate it.

not selfish to pour into your own cupIt’s not about looking ‘perfect’ or comparing ourselves to other women. It is about encouraging each other to feel comfortable in our own skin. This campaign is geared toward bring awareness to all women, to start a trend of grace and self acceptance. Women… Love yourself. Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. Give yourself grace. Do not aim for perfection but for acceptance. Own your story, be the leading lady of your own life. Do something crazy and be your own damn supermodel!

be your own supermodel

(Hint…. copy and paste this text below your image on social media so people get excited with the movement)

“BE YOUR OWN SUPERMODEL” MOVEMENT AND CONTEST #beyourownsupermodel by @theboudoirdivas

We believe every woman should own her own story and celebrate who she is right now. We are starting this contest to inspire women to BE YOUR OWN SUPERMODEL!  Glamourous pictures are a way to treat yourself, to say “I am worth it.” But the most important thing is reminding yourself every day that you are your own supermodel.

Be entered to win  a 2 production photo shoot with 5×7 book with hair and make-up!! ($1060 value)!

*Take a photo and hashtag #beyourownsupermodel and tag us on social media. It’s that simple!

*Every time you post on social medial you will be ENTERED TO WIN a $1060 value photo shoot. Hair and make-up included by @Shelby_McElroy !

*Tag your friends who might also want to be a part of it in the comments!

*Contest ends April 15 (we will be doing a drawing & will post the winner here on the blog)

*Photo can be a selfie or anything that shows you embracing yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.

*If we have photographed you, use an image we shot (you can crop if you don’t want it to be too risque) and give us credit, be sure to also hashtag the contest and tag us and you will be entered TWICE by posting any photos that give the Boudoir Divas credit.

How to tag us….
INSTAGRAM: @TheBoudoirDivas
TWITTER: @BoudoirDivas
FACEBOOK: TheBoudoirDivas


*Must be 18 or older to be eligible to win

*Females only, sorry fellas this is for the ladies only

*Must have your IG profile be PUBLIC

*Must be a NEW post on your Instagram or Facebook, only new posts will be eligible to win (Posts made between 3/19/15 and 4/15/15 are eligible)

*Must hashtag #beyourownsupermodel AND tag The Boudoir Divas


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Mama to Be

Boudoir Photo Shoots on March 11th, 2015

We’re loving this “Mama to Be” session for it’s boho-fresh quality.  Our client, Miss M, radiates such a beautiful glow.  Our Mama to Be packages are priced just like our boudoir shoots and can be shot on any set(s) of your choice!  We’re really digging Miss M on our Daydream and Artist Loft backgrounds.  Thank you, gorgeous, for allowing us to share your images.

Maternity1 copyMaternity2 copyMaternity3


Miss M

Boudoir Photo Shoots on February 4th, 2015

pinupblog boudoirblog


Miss K

Boudoir Photo Shoots on February 3rd, 2015

Miss K opted for a simple and classic look on our Beautifully Bare set.  And we think she is just that; beautiful!  Thank you, lovely lady, for allowing us to share your photos!   XOXOCollage 1



Miss H

Boudoir Photo Shoots on January 27th, 2015

If you’re looking for a more alternative/moody look for your shoot, consider our Urban Editorial backdrop! Miss H is smoking hot in her boudoir photos in this moody setting. Thanks for letting us share, gorgeous! XOXO – the Boudoir Divas
Holly2boudoir divas


Just the way you are <3

Believe in Beauty on January 20th, 2015

Hey ya’ll! Sarebear, here. :) I had the pleasure of meeting this next client, Sondra, when I photographed her just a couple weeks ago. She is a dear client of ours, but somehow we had not had a chance to interact yet. What first struck me about Sondra was her kindness. She has a kind of radiating softness glowing out of her that is so endearing. She is also outgoing, beautiful, and confident. She is unabashedly herself. We instantly clicked.

Sondra writes her own blog that addresses her journey through weight loss and self-acceptance. It’s a theme that resonates strong with us here at the Boudoir Divas. We’re always trying to encourage our clients (and ourselves, as women) to embrace who we are in the moment. To see that there is beauty in all of us (which is impenetrable regardless of our appearance.) We try to help our clients focus on their assets (instead of perceived “flaws”) and to own, with confidence, the bodies their souls were born to. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of perspective. What IF we put more energy towards growing our strengths, or loving our most favorite parts about ourselves, instead of wanting to ‘fix’ whatever is wrong? Why waste our precious time on anything other than enhancing our gifts. Embracing our best attributes. It’s all about where we put our attention…

That’s where we come in at the Divas. Because here is a place where you can come to be you. We help you feel confident in your skin and try to capture that essence on camera. Sure, you may be giving this as a gift to your husband or boyfriend, but it’s even-more-so a gift for yourself. It’s a breath of fresh air in the “do more, BE MORE” culture we live in. We like you just the way you are (shout out to my man Billy Joel for that one.)

Sondra has some really sweet things to say in relation to this on her blog:

You can view the rest of her blog and testimonial here

And here are some of Sondra’s photos from her shoot!

Thank you, Sondra, for your kind words and beautiful presence. And to all you other BEAUTIFUL women out there, we encourage you to Believe in (your own) Beauty! XOXO- The Boudoir Divas


Bombshell Gorgeous Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photo Shoots on January 6th, 2015

Miss S is drop-dead gorgeous & we’re so glad to share her boudoir photos with you! Check out this beauty <3 Collage 1


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The Boudoir Divas team on December 25th, 2014

With love from the Boudoir Divas Team, we wish you happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! We will see you all in 2015…