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Afternoon Eye Candy

Boudoir Photo Shoots on July 15th, 2009

It’s hump day, and I think the perfect way to get you all through the day and on towards the sunny (well, in San Diego, it is anyway) weekend! Here are a few shots from some recent boudoir shoots. These lovely ladies were kind enough to give us permission to share a few of their images. Enjoy! xoxo, Crystal

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san diego boudoir photography,sexy photos,groom's gift


One Saturday spot left!

Current news and specials on July 13th, 2009

We have one available appointment left for a Sexiest Gift Special on Saturday, July 25th! Call now to book! (858) 485-0443.

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boudoir photography, classy, sexy, san diego


Thank you for your kind words….

Testimonials on July 9th, 2009

Everyone has been so sweet commenting on our blog. We are looooooving seeing who is out there. Thank you so much everyone. “Encouragement” isn’t a big enough word to describe what you all have made us feel this week.

This new blog is wonderful because it allows people to comment easily, which we just adore! I can’t tell you how fun it is to sign on everyday and approve comments from people all over the world. SO THANK YOU!

Also, we received this email last week and it just touched our hearts so much. I just had to share it with everyone.

“Hello Ladies…I just wanted to send you this little message to let you know how wonderful your blog is. I knew there was a difference in your blog as I was going through it (I just happened on it tonight). After I read the About Us page on your site, I KNEW what the difference was: Christ Jesus. There’s a spirit that emanates from your page and I know that it’s because you’re doing what God has gifted you to do. I’m not married, (I am waiting on the man that God has for me). I’ve always said to myself that I would take boudoir pics for my hubby when that day comes. I’ve been to alot of sites, getting ideas (yeah I’m collecting photos now lol) but none of them can compare to what you guys have to offer. I just felt a real peace on The Boudoir Divas. Continue doing what you’re doing. You really capture the beauty of what I’m quite sure all of us women want to achieve in a setting like this. God bless each of you. I pray more successful business for you in the days to come and beyond.

Boudoir Bound :-)
Audrey D. D.

I’ll be following you on twitter too. I am————-

P.S. I’m in Florida but I would fly to San Diego just to have you take my pics! ”

Thank you Audrey for taking the time to bless us. We wish the same blessings for you. We look forward to meeting you.


We are in Professional Photographer Magazine!

Current news and specials on July 7th, 2009

So exciting! We’re featured in the July issue of Professional Photographer Magazine!!! Thanks, PPA, for featuring us this month… and thank you, Stephanie, for doing a wonderful job on the article! We are SOOO thrilled that boudoir is finally starting to receive the attention it deserves! We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past few years, received a bit of flack in the process, trying to give boudoir a ‘facelift’ and attempting to change the way the photography industry approaches boudoir – as well as the way the public views boudoir. A few years ago, we couldn’t find ANY resources/workshops/education for boudoir photography… and just when was the last time you saw a boudoir photographer on the speaking line-up for a national photo convention? There wasn’t anything! (Well, until this year at DWF, anyway) ;) We are just so excited that we are able to say: BOUDOIR IS BACK!™ And we are also incredibly thankful/honored to be able to lead the industry in bringing boudoir to the masses! (More on that later)… :)


THE BOUDOIR DIVAS won “Best San Diego Wedding Vendor for Boudoir Photography”!!

Current news and specials on July 6th, 2009

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We just found out that we are an award winner in the 2009 People’s Choice Awards for San Diego Wedding Vendors. We were crowned the winners as:

“Best San Diego Wedding Vendor for Boudoir Photography

We are super excited that our lovely clients nominated and voted.. for us!

According to, The People’s Choice Awards are the highest recognition given to a wedding vendor because they are awarded by the people; the local brides (and grooms) that have used their services.

Click here to view the Award Winners.

We would also like to shout-out Congratulations to some of our favorite wedding vendors!

Best San Diego Wedding Vendor for Health & Fitness
1st Place : Fit 2 Wed

Best San Diego Wedding DJ
1st Place : Mick Scrivener, Elite British DJ

Best San Diego Wedding Vendor for Videography
1st Place : NR3 Video Productions

Overall Favorite Vendor
Julie Scrivener, The Best Wedding for You

P.S. BOUCHER Photography (Marissa and Weston shoot weddings!) has been nominated for 10NEWS A-List‘s Best Wedding Photographer again! Voting begins Monday, July 13th!


THE BOUDOIR DIVAS have been nominated for the Wedding Blog Awards!

Current news and specials on July 6th, 2009

san diego boudoir blog,classy photos,boudoir photography, classy, sexy, san diego is hosting the first ever Bridal Blog Awards and our blog has been nominated!

The idea is you can nominate your favorite wedding blog(s). Click here to find out HOW IT WORKS.

Even though we’ve already been nominated, the rules state that a blog can be nominated more than once. SO, if you’re a big fan of our Boudoir Blog, here’s HOW TO NOMINATE.


Just finished a “Full Photo Shoot”. I had so much fun!

Boudoir Photo Shoots on July 3rd, 2009

Laura, thank you for letting me post some of your images. I have way too many favs. I am so happy that you also got the package that included the negs, otherwise I really don’t know how you would narrow it down for your Bombshell Book. See, we told you you had no reason to be nervous. And you thought you couldn’t look “sexy”. Hilarious!!! Thanks for the fun!


The Divas wouldn’t be what it is today without the big, big love that surrounds me…

Behind The Scenes on July 2nd, 2009



WESTON. HUSBAND. Everyone who knows me also knows that I have poured my heart, soul, tears, long hours and would-be free time into this business. Nobody knows it more, or has lent more support than my husband, Weston. He is incredible. He left his big career as a video game producer, and about-to-be music student (he is a bad-ass guitarist and song writer) to help me start Bouchér Photography. In needing his exquisite photography talents and crazy good tech skills he became half of the wedding business and the silent partner in the boudoir business. Thanks baby, or “Wonner”, as those around us hear me affectionately call him. You know better than I do that this just wouldn’t be what it is without you and I would be incomplete with you.

EULALIA, EVERARDO, CECELIA and JOEL. Or Grammie, Grandpa, Mom and Dad. You all have blown me away with your support my whole life. So giving. Lending an ear when I need to vent, lending your time when we moved or needed help, n’ more important than anything else, your PRAYERS. Mom thank you for all the time you spent helping me decorate, clean and organize! This place wouldn’t be it’s kitschy, vintage glam self if it wasn’t for your thrift store/ebay hunting skills. You are the WORLD’S MOST GIVING MOTHER. I thank the Lord everyday for you. Joel, thank you for inspiring me to be business minded, you turned a work at home insurance biz (or work in “trailer” might be more fitting) into a top notch financial planning business. I was lucky enough to witness first hand what hard work and motivation can do for a person.

KIMBERLEE WEST. Or Bitner. (Business parter, sister).You were with us when we were working out of my parents garage to what this whole big thing has become. Thank you for pushing us every step of the way and helping me move closer to my dreams. You made me bring to fruition what I thought were only hopes and visions. You give me the courage to be bigger, better and faster. I have found a kindred spirit in you. Praise God for sisters in Christ like you. You’re stuck with me forever.

…………..This is starting to feel like a yearbook where you leave messages to everyone. But instead of being that silly fake thing we would do before summer started and “KIT” was penned, this is necessary. Because I get the praise for THE BOUDOIR DIVAS STUDIO, but these people had just as much to do with it……….

DEENA CORMIER. My close friend since Jr. High. You and I always dreamed of being photographers. Instead of “just dreaming” we did it!!! I love, love, love that I get to see you on a regular basis. What best friends get to work together under these fun circumstances. You have become such an essential part of all that goes on here. A fantastic mother and a brilliant photographer and designer. I am happy in the knowledge that I have such a fantastic friend and business buddy. Seeing your smile on a regular basis is enough to make anyone happy in life.

CRYSTAL CARR. Wow. We prayed for a studio manager and holy moly did God deliver. Beyond our wildest dreams. He knew what and who we needed even before we did. You keep us moving forward with your organization and “on-top-of-it-ness.” You amaze me everyday. To put a cherry on top you are an incredible photographer. Having both business and photography skills are rare and, you my friend, shine at both. After Weston and worked 60-70 hours a week for five years, you are our saving grace. Because of YOU, I can leave the office and spend time with friends and family on the weekends. You have no idea how much you have changed my world and essentially, me. I love you as a friend and respect you as a colleague. Your family and friends should be very proud, I am.

ERIS WILSON. My cousin and very dear friend. I love you, love you, love you. I don’t know that words could ever express the love and care that I have felt from you growing up and into my adulthood. You are amazing. So giving with your time and so very talented. This woman made my first custom backdrop. I showed her a cool floral stenciled background that Tyra Banks was photographed on and just mentioned how much I loved it and the next WEEK, she gave me a handmade, identical backdrop that we still use to this day. Who does that!?! Only women like my beautiful, loving Eris. I also have to note that this lady planned my wedding, helped me establish my business plan, listened to all my silly venting, made countless decor and signage, and helped with our ever popular “Exquisite Boudoir” set. You are an angel. Your Mom was right when she nicknamed you that. :)

To my FRIENDS & FAMILY who helped, supported and let me take photos of them when I was just starting out…. JERI (Mom), CANDICE, LEAH, LAUREN, STEPHANIE, ALICE, COURTNEY, LORIEN, ALLY, AARON, SEAN AND BRANT. Okay, the last few weren’t boudoir, band pics still count right?

Thank you to clients who have referred us, it is because of you that we are thriving.

Feeling so blessed right now and hoping that I can return the favor someday,



New boudoir photography blog for those crazy Boudoir Divas and their fantastic clients!

Current news and specials on July 2nd, 2009

new_boudoir_blogWell, it is about time! Our new boudoir photography blog has arrived. Hello world, we are here and we are shnazzier than ever! We will be updating this blog as much as humanly possible. And, we want all of you out there to be a big part of it. So comment, ask questions, if you have had a shoot give tips to newbie clients, let’s get some chatter going on in here. Who’s out there? To kick things off we are going to have a contest. On July 15th we are going to pick one random commenter and give you a $50 Victoria Secret Gift Certificate . We will notify you by email.

Marissa, Crystal and Deena

If you would like to see past posts on our older boudoir photography blog please visit


If you wanna visit our older boudoir photography blog….

Boudoir Photo Shoots on July 2nd, 2009

woman-captured-blogOur older boudoir photography blog can be found at and has years of blog posts on all of our boudoir photography adventures. In fact while I am mention our old blog, I should say that our boudoir photography studio name used to be Woman Captured. When I named the original business I focused more on artsy black and whites, so the name suited us back at that time. But since then we started focusing on variety, giving different looks, pin-up photography, sexy black and white photos, vintage glam boudoir photos, and images that look like they are from the pages of Maxim magazine. SO, with our change, we needed a name that fit. Kimberlee (my partner in the boudoir education) and I had named that business (writing boudoir photography books and leading boudoir photography workshops) THE BOUDOIR DIVAS. With the success of that name, we decided to change the boudoir studio to fit as well. And so you have it, THE BOUDOIR DIVAS SAN DIEGO. A boudoir photography studio focusing on celebrating all shapes, sizes and ages.

Hey boudoir photographers, if you want to learn more about boudoir photography, please visit and It is a boudoir photography blog dedicated to info about boudoir photography created by myself, Marissa Boucher and Kimberlee West.