Boudoir Divas Photography Open House

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Boudoir Photo Shoots on July 2nd, 2009

woman-captured-blogOur older boudoir photography blog can be found at and has years of blog posts on all of our boudoir photography adventures. In fact while I am mention our old blog, I should say that our boudoir photography studio name used to be Woman Captured. When I named the original business I focused more on artsy black and whites, so the name suited us back at that time. But since then we started focusing on variety, giving different looks, pin-up photography, sexy black and white photos, vintage glam boudoir photos, and images that look like they are from the pages of Maxim magazine. SO, with our change, we needed a name that fit. Kimberlee (my partner in the boudoir education) and I had named that business (writing boudoir photography books and leading boudoir photography workshops) THE BOUDOIR DIVAS. With the success of that name, we decided to change the boudoir studio to fit as well. And so you have it, THE BOUDOIR DIVAS SAN DIEGO. A boudoir photography studio focusing on celebrating all shapes, sizes and ages.

Hey boudoir photographers, if you want to learn more about boudoir photography, please visit and It is a boudoir photography blog dedicated to info about boudoir photography created by myself, Marissa Boucher and Kimberlee West.